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Talent is inherent but it is never enough. For an athlete to succeed, a combination of several factors must come into place and all these factors can be summed up into decision making. The ability to make the right decision at the right time is what separates the successful athlete from the unsuccessful ones. Taking decisions isn't as easy as it seems on paper. The application ofscience and tech coupled with the change in the nature of sport from passion to business and the ever competitive spirit of sports in general have given rise to the emergence of sports managers; experts who are trained to take decisions on behalf of athletes . They are talentedand well trained personnel who are skilled in the art of managing an athlete career.

The appearance of a systematic, scientific knowledge of sport management is linked to the growth of professionalization of sport and its submission to the laws of market economy and the emergence of management science, first in the profit sector, corporate business and then it's spreading to the sector of non-profit public and private sector. Sport management involves any combination of skills related to planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading, and evaluating within the context of an organization or department whose primary product or service is related to sport or physical activity. Forbes also defines it as the management of various business functions in sports and recreation organizations.

Sports management and agency are important for athletes for many reasons. A number of talented athletes have faded into oblivion due to them not possessing the right markerting and branding to compete against others in the ever growing sports industry. Even athletes who have managed to get into the big leagues without good agents have been made to rue thatdecision with a lot not reaching the peak of their sports careers. Sports management is often the missing piece and difference between a successful athlete and an unsuccessful one. A sports management firm helps in networking and unlocking opportunities for athletes which might have been near impossible.

A good firm gets an athlete a lot of advantages over comteporaries, few of these include :

1. Branding and Promotion: An athlete can have a rare skills with good training technique but no one would know about it. Many sportsmen lack the acumen needed to promote themselves. A sports management firm handles this well, branding an athlete and making him/her attractive to prospective clubs and sponsors.

2. Contract Negotiations: Sports management firms help to negotiate contracts on behalf of the Clients they represent. They are always on the lookout to secure the best deal for their clients. Sports agents reach agreement on contractsto help athletes get a better salary, sponsorships and wages. They can also include provisions for injuries and salary increase options. This sets sportsmen up for both short-term and long-term benefits.

3. Networking : Sports management firms and agents are top level networkers who help to create deals and transfers to clubs which would have been otherwise impossible for an athlete.

While these three are the major benefits of getting into a good sports firm, there are a lot more that would be felt when an athlete makes the decision of getting a good sports management firm supporting his career. Athletes in Africa especially are victims of traffickers who disguise themselves as sports agents and entice footballers with a promise of a better life and good playing career only to end up renegading on their promises and scamming them. It is advisable for every athlete to make proper research into propective sports management firms before employing their services.

Here at Sisu Africa , we offer numerous services: Top sports branding, talent representation and Athlete marketing. The need for a good sports management firm cannot be overemphasized and stressed enough. Sisu Africa is a reputable firm with many success stories of having helped athletes find their foot in the sports industry and giving then platforms of becoming stars. Prospective athletes are advised to seek our services to help actualize their dreams.

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