On a path to greatness: Stephen Perry and Kolawole Akeem

Sisu Africa Talents i Posted on 2022-06-12 08:12:31

On a  path to greatness: Stephen Perry and Kolawole Akeem


The journey of a thousand miles they say, begins with a step. Stephen Perry and Kolawole Akeem took that step. Sisu Africa held a two days football trial in the University of Ibadan Old Stadium. The highly anticipated event held on the 24th and 25th of February had three hundred aspiring football players in attendance, drawing a crowd of over 600 hundred spectators. The players were put through a series of drills and tests, and were closely watched by the scouts present. Lindi Ngwenya—Managing Director, Sisu Sports Management— as well as Mr. Olawale Olatoye, General Manager, SGFS Athletics, were in attendance. 

Stephen Perry showed great speed and balance. Two very crucial traits required for every player. The left footed striker wowed with his shot power but also showed he has variety with his finishing. A goalkeepers nightmare already, and he will keep getting better. 

Kolawole Akeem proved that while goals are what win you games, he has the requisite skill to be a force in the middle of the park. He excels at dictating the play, getting his forward players involved and creating chances. A very good passer and most importantly, he possesses a calm head in vital situations which contributes to his good decision making. 

The pair showed maturity, determination and a level head in the midst of adversity—traits that define our great institution. They have joined professional side SFGS Athletics for proper conditioning. An all important first step, in the journey to achieve their dreams. 

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Moses Aweda
at 2022-06-24 17:38:33
Congratulations to these amazing talents.