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SISU AFRICA is a sport management company that combines athlete representation with marketing. SISU Africa aspires to become Afria's foremost export for talent, enjoying its repute as an offshoot of SISU Management Company, UK, a talent management and athlete representation company based in the United Kingdom.

Our undertaking is to provide equality of sporting opportunity for athletes irrespective of their gender, background or ethnic affiliation. We plan to work towards becoming the leading sports scouting network in Africa, focusing on a thoroughly personalized approach that fits into the individual requirements of our clients. Ours is to offer a holistic service offering, ranging from scouting, representation, marketing and education, thereby becoming the first business model of its kind that encompasses all facets of the sports business ecosystem.

We pride ourselves to be potentially Africa's foremost Sport Management Company that combines athletes’ management with educational empowerment as empirically shown through our partnership with Johan Cruyff Institute.


- Equal Opportunity for all

Sisu Africa ensures that all athletes, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or background, have equitable access to sporting opportunities. We're on a mission to become Africa's leading sports scouting network, concentrating on a highly individualized strategy that meets our clients' unique needs.

-- Holistic Service

Sisu Africa offers a comprehensive range of services, including scouting, representation, marketing, summer camps, and education, making it the first of its kind in Africa. It's the first business model of its type to include every aspect of the sports business ecosystem.

Providing a transparent mechanism via which we can smoothly transfer sporting talents from the coasts of Africa to mainstream Europe is central to our objective.

--- Stand-out Brand Identity for Players

SISU Africa's marketing team assists professionals in developing their brand in order to obtain rich commercial transactions through a specialized marketing approach that synchronizes their identity and fan support, putting them in key sponsorship and marketing positions.

With a powerful and resonating brand identity, athletes are placed at the best position to marketing deals and sponsorships through proper story telling techniques.


-- Meet the team --


Lindi Ngwenya



Doeju Momolu Goodluck

Managing Partner


Moses Aweda

Technical Operations Specialist

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Lindi Ngwenya is the Founder of Sisu Africa, a subsidiary of Sisu Sports Management which was established in 2013 with a mission to mentor and manages talent from under-served and overlooked areas of the game.

Lindi played competitive rugby for over 15 years and this experience gave her a deep understanding of the challenges that many women face trying to build a career in sport. This has seen the company focus on African football, smaller European Leagues and Women's football.

Lindi has negotiated numerous playing and commercial contracts for players across Europe and further afield leagues such as India and Oman. Prior to founding Sisu, Lindi served as a British Army Officer followed by over a decade as a trader in the London financial markets; giving her a uniquely broad skillset covering technical, commercial and leadership roles.

Spoken languages: English

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Doeju Momolu Goodluck Managing Partner

Doeju Momolu Goodluck is the current Director managing all the affairs of sisu business in Africa under the brand name known as Sisu Africa.

He is a passionate sport man with great insight into the business of sports. Doeju is a sports business researcher and a visionary. He is a value-driven individual. Doeju hail from Liberia. He also holds a degree in Human kinetics from the University of Ibadan Nigeria.

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Moses Aweda Technical Operations Specialist

Moses is a Nigerian software engineer who specializes in web and mobile applications. He is a proud alumni of Nigeria's premier university, where he majored in Pure and Applied Mathematics.

As a visionary technologist, he is driven to find answers to the digital challenges that African businesses face.