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Football is a continuum activity and more so, an extensive sporting process that demands to be nurtured from scratch. Early signs of precocity and genuine interest from kids in the game is only deserving of proper care and if your child is one that shows interest on playing the game professionally, summer camp is the ideal thing to do. SISU Africa is an official sales agent for both Liverpool FC International Academy and Chelsea FC Foundation summer camp programs and is indeed here to provide the required support to give an enduring support to children in their respective passions. Here in SISU, we value children spending time unwinding with their passion, particularly in the company of fellow colleagues to build their sense of community and unity from scratch. Summer Camps for football development, helps foment burgeoning passion and refine it into an object of actual profession with dedication to lifelong learning.


1. Comprehensive Trainig Schedule

Liverpool FC is one of football’s powerhouses both in the country and globally. The club boasts an illustrious history, having accomplished every feat to achieve in club football. As such, kids registering for this program stands to benefit of identifying with one of Europe’s football powerhouse. Essentially, the Liverpool FC International Academy summer camp looks to train interested participants in the style and ethics of Liverpool Football Club and thus give taste of the aspects of playing professional football. They use fun and learning to help participants get an understanding of the relentless football ethic and sound tactical mind that is the ‘Liverpool Way’. Kids will be trained on the characteristic model of Liverpool FC’s playing pattern – high octane football with incredible intensity. The coaching location is at Repton School with proximity to historical edifices and a clement atmosphere to give kids a relishing abstract feel. The program is open to both sexes, male and female, in the ages 9-17 and 12-17 respectively. Additional English classes are provided for foreign students to enhance fluent communication.

2. State-of-the-art Facilities and Free Time

Repton School facilities are designed to give participants the best of playing experience. It enjoys a 11 grass soccer fields, gym, a pool, squash courts, and ultra-modern classrooms. So, besides playing, children can afford to enjoy the luxury of enjoying their pastimes in a relaxed and exciting atmosphere that encourages cooperation and communication. The Liverpool FC International Academy program is not only particular about children playing and football development but also seeking informal education through occasional visits to historical edifices like the reputed Anfield Stadium and the club’s museum and the Alton Towers. Kids will enjoy the atmosphere of visiting the dressing room, locker and the arrays of trophies and legendary memories – enjoying the visceral feel of identifying with a club of great magnitude like Liverpool.

3. Additional (Optional) English Class

In a bid to enhance kids’ communication skills, especially for foreign kids, there is an arrangement for an English course. The course will be based on the CLIL approach, with a syllabus that combines listening lessons, grammar exercises, and understanding related football terminologies. On their first day, students will be assessed on the mastery of their English and be grouped in levels according to their proficiency; that is, from beginner to advanced. Students will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course and be encouraged to personally improve as they disperse.

Liverpool FC International Academy Summer Camps – Pricing

€ 1,995 for 6 nights + € 50 registration fee

€ 3,995 for 13 nights + € 50 registration fee

Available Camps in 2022


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