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SISU Africa are official sales agents for the Chelsea FC Foundation summer camps program held in the United Kingdom. Chelsea FC is undeniably one of England’s and London’s foremost clubs, attracting a myriad of interest from young people particularly. The Chelsea FC Foundation Summer camp training is slated for a maximum of two weeks, with 31 hours essentially dedicated to rigorous training, matches and seminars each week.

The program is open to both sexes; male and female within the ages of 9-17 and 12-17 respectively. Chelsea FC Foundation summer camp is strictly modelled on the associated cultural and playing characteristics with Chelsea FC; including the urgent style of play and a defiant playing spirit that replete unalloyed bravado and grit.

The choice of location is intently favored for its geographical relevance and proximity to a refreshing historical appeal and clement atmosphere. Charterhouse School, the location of the camp, enjoys a rich sporting history and a relative ease of recognition. It is only 45km distance from the London Heathrow airport and 64km from London Gatwick airport. Students not only stand to build a deliberate friendship and sense of community but also cultivate essential attributes for success, such as unity, focus, and diligence.


1. Modern and Robust Football School.

In view of the association with Chelsea FC, the summer camp fully enjoys the expertise of top Chelsea FC foundation instructors. The training devised is specifically directed to the development of player’s physical, technical and mental categories. Frequently, students will be exposed to novel technologies that analyses their performance and consequently proves invaluable feedback on areas necessary for improvement. Trainings are usually slated to span 31-32 hours per week and 8 hours per day. Field training will see 14-16 players on the pitch. Each player will enjoy specifically tailored attention on their respective positions. Playing style is a tad conservative and deeply transitional. They will learn the requirements of playing in an organized defense and how to launch a quick, striking and enthralling counter-strikes in fast succession characteristic of the Chelsea’s playing pattern. Occasionally, they will play against teams from other camps in an effort to fully assess their development.

2. State-of-the-art Facilities.

Charterhouse facilities are designed to give participants the best of playing experience. It enjoys 12 grass soccer fields, an athletic track, a covered pool, an indoor sports center, relaxation room, laundry, and free Wi-Fi. So, besides playing, children can afford to enjoy the luxury of enjoying their pastimes in a relaxed and exciting atmosphere that encourages cooperation and communication.

3. Free Time

The Chelsea FC foundation is not only particular about children playing and football development but also seeking informal education through occasional visits to historical locations like the Stamford Bridge and Chelsea football club museum. Kids will enjoy the atmosphere of visiting the dressing room, locker and the arrays of trophies and legendary memories – enjoying the visceral feel of identifying with a club of great magnitude like Chelsea’s. They will also have access to a day of training and workshops and Q/A segments at the club’s training ground. Thanks to Chelsea’s location, they will also enjoy visiting the Nike Town on Oxford ‘s street and the sprawling view of the Buckingham palace.

4. Additional English Class

In a bid to enhance kids’ communication skills, especially for foreign children, there is an optional arrangement for an English course. The course will be based on the CLIL approach, with a syllabus that combines listening lessons, grammar exercises, and understanding related football terminologies. On their first day, students will be assessed on the mastery of their English and be grouped in levels according to their proficiency; that is, from beginner to advanced. Students will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course and be encouraged to personally improve as they disperse.

Chelsea FC Foundation Summer Camp - Pricing

€ 2125 for 6 nights + € 50 registration fee

€ 4190 for 13 nights + € 50 registration fee

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